Coaches with anti-war protestors travelling to RAF Fairford were searched and turned back to London in March 2003 Police surveillance Unlifting samba sounds at demo outside RAF Northwood in January 2003

Any oppressive laws can be rendered unworkable
through protest, non-co-operation and defiance

December 10th is annual International Human Rights Day…


Days of Local Actions: Friday 10th - Sunday 12th Dec 2010

The growth of repressive measures being used against protests needs to continue to be challenged. In the last year campaigners have won some notable victories against certain laws, police violence and harassment, bans, ‘kettles’ etc.

The idea of the Day of Local Actions is to highlight and celebrate our determination as campaigners and activists to continue to oppose injustice and oppression, and to encourage opposition and resistance to unjust laws.

Any oppressive laws can be rendered unworkable through protest, non-co-operation and defiance!

We are calling for local celebrations of past campaigns and struggles that have enabled all those seeking a better world to continue to assemble, meet, march, picket, leaflet, protest, strike, occupy and take direct action. Such rights and freedoms have not been handed down by the powers-that-be, but won through struggles over the last 100 years or more.

Why not organise a special event, activity or protest in your area, or at specially significant sites of past struggles for the right to protest or freedom of speech? You could even just lay on a coffee morning to raise funds for a relevant campaign or group of defendants, do some leafleting, or issue a press release about Freedom To Protest issues.

If your group is already doing something that weekend, why not mark Freedom To Protest Days in your publicity?

Wherever there is injustice or oppression, there is protest and resistance

We will not be silenced!

The Freedom to Protest Conference
Sunday October 23rd 2005

Supporters so far include:
Aldermaston Womens Peace camp; Birmingham Guatanamo Campaign; Brighton Peace & Environment Centre; Bristle magazine; Campaign Against Criminalising Communities; Campaign Against the Arms Trade; Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases; Campaign to Close Campsfield; Cardiff World Development Movement; Codepink; Corporate Watch; Defend the M&S Picket Campaign (Manchester); FreeBeagles; Friends of the Earth; Friends of Maldives; G8 Legal Support Group; Genetic Engineering Network; George Fox 6; Global Women's Strike; Haringey Against ID Cards; Haringey Solidarity Group; Haringey Trades Union Council; Hunt Saboteurs Association; The Laboratory of Insurrectitonary Imagination; Legal Action for Women; Legal Defence and Monitoring Group; London Anarchist Federation; London Rising Tide; Manchester People and Planet; Matlock Peacerights; McLibel Support Campaign; Mental Magazine UK; Milton Keynes NO2ID; Muslim Parliament; Newham Monitoring Project; Oxford Action Resource Centre; Parliament Sq Peace Campaign and Brian Haw Supporters; Peace News; Penzance Peace Moves Coalition; Peoples' Commons; Privacy International; Realfood; Rhythms of Resistance; Sante Refugee Mental Health Access Project; Scarborough Animal Rights; Schnews; Smash EDO campaign; Speak Campaign; Torbay & District Trades Union Council; Trident Ploughshares; Tyneside East Timor Solidarity; Undercurrents; Veggies Catering Campaign; Voices in the Wilderness UK, Wimbledon Disarmament Coalition / CND;  A World to Win; Worthing Eco-Action; 56a Info Shop
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Having trouble with the law?
Although we are not able to provide support for those who are having their rights to protest infringed, we provide a list of useful links to organisations who can share experience, information and resources.
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Download the workshop briefing papers - very useful information!

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