Coaches with anti-war protestors travelling to RAF Fairford were searched and turned back to London in March 2003 Police surveillance Unlifting samba sounds at demo outside RAF Northwood in January 2003

Useful sources of information on freedom to protest

The Freedom to Protest initiative has only been formed to organise a conference. Something bigger may result from the conference but at the moment we are not able to provide support for those who are having their rights to protest infringed. However, there we list below organisations who can share experience, information and resources.

Activist Legal Resources


Legal Defence Monitoring Group

Activists Legal Project

Andrew Grays legal pages

Urban75 legal pages

Schnews DIY page

Useful Organisations

CAMPACC - Campaign Against Criminalising Communities

Fairford Coach Action - when 120 anti-war protestors were stopped and searched by the police and prevented from attending a protest at RAF Fairford in March 2003, they decided to take action in the courts.

Legal Action for Women - a legal service for women based at the Crossroads Women's Centres in London

Liberty - human rights and civil liberties organisation working on a whole number of issues including the right to protest

McLibel Support Campaign - the ultimate example of defending free speech

Parliament Square Peace Campaign and Brian Haw Supporters - for some analysis of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act and the new restrictions around protesting anywhere near Parliament.

Schnews - weekly newsletter from Justice - Brighton's Direct Action Collective

Statewatch - monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union

Helpful Solicitors

See the various legal sites above for suggestions. Some recommended solicitors are listed at the Fairford Coach Action website. It is best to ask around to find out which solicitors are most successful and familiar with your type of case.